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July 10, 2012
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Dragon!Prussia x Viking!Reader
How To Train Your Boyfriend

.:: Part One ::.

"Hey, knock it off you two!" You push the two vikings away. "He started it!" The teen with thick eyebrows loudly accuses. "VHAT? MEIN FAULT?!" The albino retaliates. He turns to you. "Hey ______, he's zhe bad guy isn't he?! Ye heard him-- he called me unawesome!" You just shake your head. Arthur knew that calling him 'unawesome' is crossing the line for Gilbert. So, he was at fault. But Gilbert then decided to punch Arthur, so he was at fault too. You loved your best friend, Arthur, and your boyfriend, Gilbert. It's just that they fight nonstop.

"Ya bloody git!" Arthur snaps.
"Vhat did ye just say?!"

Dear lord. This was getting out of hand. Then you see Gilbert raise a fist that targetted for Arthur's jaw. "GILBERT!" You were about to stop him, but it was too late. But just at the last second, Arthur chants a spell out of panic.


And right then and there, Gilbert transformed into an albino Night Fury. Your jaw dropped. Furious, you yell at Arthur. "WHAT DID YOU DO?! GILBERT'S A NIGHT FURY NOW!!!" Arthur was silent as you scream at him. By the time you finished, you were panting. Then it hit you. Arthur was just trying to protect himself. You can't really blame the poor guy, Gilbert was about to throw a punch at him! "Oh, I'm so sorry Artie.. Th-that was.. Me getting mad at you was totally uncalled for.. I'm so sorry." You say apologetically. He just sighed and smiled at you. "Well, I turned yer boyfriend into a Night Fury. Who wouldn't be mad?" He chuckles. On the other hand, Gilbert was less than happy. You pet his head, making him lighten up a bit. "Artie, can you change him back?" You looked hopefully at your best friend. He looks away from you with a guilty expression. "Unfortunately, I'm only a beginner sorcerer. But I will try to find a solution for this. Give me a week to train." You smiled weakly at him then at your dragon boyfriend. Gilbert's parents and brother had gone sailing for a month, so at least you didn't have to explain his condition to his family. You had to help him. Your father, Hiccup, was the first dragon tamer Viking. Your mother, Astrid, loved the dragons as much as your father. In this case, you can act as if you found Gilbert, and you want to tame him. Then you decided to make a fake name for Gilbert. "Hey, Gilbo, what if I call you Prussia for the time being?" Gilbert looked up at you, smiling. Well, if dragons could smile, he would right now. "So,______ I'll leave the bloody git to ya. Cheerio." Arthur walked away, and "Prussia" growled. You giggle and pet his head. "So, I guess I should bring you home, huh, Gilber-- Prussia. Wow, I need to get used to you first.." He leapt up and licked your cheek. He seemed excited to go to your house. As a human, he never was able to go there, after all.
>> Fast Forward >>
You and Prussia stood at the door. You were nervous to go inside, scared of what your father will say when you bring another Night Fury home. But then, you just took a leap of faith and opened the door. "MOM! DAD! I want to tame a dragon!" You closed your eyes and held your breath, waiting for an answer. After a while, there was no sound, so you opened an eye. Your mom and dad weren't home. Even Toothless, your dad's Night Fury, was nowhere to be seen. There was a note on the dining table.
"We've gone sailing with Gilbert's parents. Please look after the house!
~Mom, Dad, and Toothless."
You let out a relieved sigh. That means you're gonna be alone in your house with Gilbert. Wait. Alone in your house. With Gilbert. You blushed and looked behind your shoulder. The white dragon had a curious expression on his face. You shook your head. 'What am I thinking! He's a dragon, for Thor's (Wow, I fail at being viking) sake.' Still, you felt uneasy letting Prussia in, so you decided to stall for a bit. "Hey, Gilbert.. I've never been able to ride a dragon on it's back.. Could you let me.. You know.." He 'smiled' again at you. You laugh and guided him to a cliff. The cliff was very high, and was a popular place for dragon-tamers to train their dragons. But on that day, the only people there were you and Prussia. On the edge of the cliff, you got on Prussia's back. Although he just became a dragon, he felt like he'd been flying for years. He felt like he had experience. "Prussia, PLEASE take this nice and slow." And there it was. On his face, not a smile but a smirk.
I had the idea when I rewatched How to Train Your Dragon. It's not an amazing piece, I know, but I did my best.
Banza~i :iconjapanpastaplz:
Hooray for dragon Prussia..? :iconyayprussiaplz:

To those who are wondering, "Varanus Komodoensis" is the scientific name of the Komodo dragon!


Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Preview Pic (c) I do not know.. Please tell me if you own it or you KNOW who owns it.

I do not own you. I only own the story.

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